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    Black And White Screen, Help!

    I've had this setup initially, and got no response from the device. My current setup is the only one that shows picture at all. Could I possibly just have a damaged device?
  2. RAriaz23

    Black And White Screen, Help!

    I have the Roxio GameCap HD Pro. The only way I can get any images to appear when connected to my ps3 is to have the cables (red/yellow/white) to connect from my system and connect yellow to video input (Y) and the white and red wires to connect to audio input L and R respectively. From there, I have an hdmi cable leading from the bottom (below the arrows) to the ps3, and another leading from the top to my tv. The connection works fine and I can hear and see, but the colors are in black and white. Any way I can resolve this issue? Attached is an actual look at my wire setup.