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  1. The user dpi setting is 120 and the system setting is 96 and I have no idea how to change it. The first problem that I had was the "Burn CD" quit working in the "Edit Audio" but it still works in the "Create Music Discs" window so continue to use it. I cannot spend anymore time on this. If rebooting dosn't work I will have to move on.
  2. dxdiag indicates no problem DxDiag.txt
  3. This is a fairly new desktop and I have 200 hour long sermons captured from a Sony flash recorder. I have also captured over 20 hour long cassett tapes and organ music byway of the "capture from speaker" window. This window is what fades now when I click the Record button and nothing happends.
  4. I have been using the Record Now window to capture from speakers. Last week it started to dim when clicked the Record button and brighten when I hit the stop button. Now I can't digitize my tapes and records.This is version 10.
  5. If I uninstall creator 2011 and install nxt3 what hapens to my existing files?
  6. fumbler

    Files From Creator 2011?

    Thanks for the insite on ECD5. I only work with music and CD's. My post on 2011 has not turned up any thing. One discussion was revelant but I could't follow them. My Geek thinks I will have to upgrade to NX3 to keep my files but I hate to when I only deal in music and CD's. I may look into Music Lab 10.
  7. Can I move my files from 2011 to ecdc5 and edit input? My 2011 stopped letting me burn CD's.