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  1. Same here, i purchased it and there was a downlink link. But i can not find it anymore......
  2. Great! Is the new build ready for download yet?
  3. Hello!!!! Somebody there!!!!???? At least have the decency to answer us……even more since this forum seemed to be the only way to get in contact with Roxio.......
  4. 14 days!?!? It has been over 2 months now since we/you first mentioned the problem!! (30 sept) It may not be a high priority issue at Roxio, maybe because of the 'low' price of the product. But still, people paid money for it, and it is not like it is some kind of minor issue. No there are two, in my opinion major issues, because of wihch i am not able to use the program. In the beginning i also sent a mail for a refund. But i did not receive any response yet. Actullay i do not want a refund, i want a working program, but i am thinking of a refund now again.... So what about it? PS besides my personal problems, there is another issue. Here in the Netherlands en Belgium i read a lot of topics from people who have problems and probably are looking for the functionality given by your program. I am still waiting to give these people the Roxio DV capture solution because the plugin/program, to say it hard, still sucks! Mildly, the program is not doing what it is supposed to do. So also for selling more of your plugin a little speed would be nice, tp put it mildly again
  5. Ok, fair enough! What is the status on the update/fixes anyway? When can we expect a new version? Is is almost two months ago now, since we reported the bugs! thanx ahead......
  6. I tried the app. and ik worked, with a couple of major issues still to solve. The NTSC problem described is the reason why i am not using it fully yet. I wondered though: which MPEG2 encoder is being used? Is it one from Roxio self? Based on one from another manufacturer maybe? Who? Which one? And more important: is it possible to change/set the bitrate settings for MPEG2 encoding? Are they stored somewhere (registry?)? Or, even better, since the tech guys are working on it, is it possible to change these settings in the interface (bitrate/vbr the usual MPEG settings)....... thx ahead
  7. Great! Is the NTSC/PAL issue also solved in this update? Just out of cursiousity: these problems we found seem pretty 'big'. But i get the feeling that they all are quite new for you people.....are 'we' the only ones reporting these things so far? Or are we the only 3? people who bought this program?
  8. I am one of the 'several people' and i tested it and can confirm this issue/problem..... Take a look at the screenschots, they are not perfect but will clearify our problem (i hope): On the right side of the video one does NOT see any 'black area', the video fits perfectly in the window. On the left side of the video one cleary sees a 'black area', the video does NOT fit perfectly in the windowone way or another.....
  9. Yes!! It works here as well!! I had to find and change more things then i thought. Offcourse the whole control panel here is in Dutch as well, so i did not find your 'tips/hints' right away. Here are two images for others maybe. But i presume a real solution is coming? Because i don't know how my system is going to behave right now. With the electronic tv guide updates etc..
  10. Hi Frinkenstein, I live in the Netherlands. All my (regional) settings are accordingly. Running a Dutch version of MCE..... Having a/the PAL version of two Hauppauges 150MCE (capture/tuner/tv card)... Thanks in advance (Oh and guy1, the topicstarter, lives in Belgium, i know pretty sure ) (So all three in PAL countries, i guess.........)
  11. Same issue here!!! Kind of strange too, because the GUI supports different (european) languages but Roxio seem to have forgotten to add PAL support. The other thing is: i went through all the support pages/possibilities on the Roxio site, but found no way to get any support or even tell my problem!!! Only a (international) phone number! Kind of strange way to support a registered user. Maybe i overlooked something, but it is at least not clear how to get supprt. The best way is this forum, and thats a kind of strange way to go....... Anyway, how about the PAL/NTSC problem? The package is useless and worthless to me right now. If it is not going to be fixed i do want my money back. There is also no way to find out what formats the software supports. Only by buying it! I do have another (smaller) issue as well. I have two capture cards Roxio DV capture does support multiple cards, but when switching from one to another i get a error: -62014(Run preview error) (see picture as well). This happens with equipment connected to both capture cards and without equipment connected.