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  1. Does NXT2 have the green screen function in the video editor? I thought I saw a tutorial video that said it did... but its not to clear to me. thanks j
  2. Thank you for the help Sknis and Jim... but its so strange that the box cover clearly states that it will work, kinda like fake advertising that made me sock 100 bucks into buying it. I will check out "Any Video Converter", I will also consider NXT3 but I just bought NXT2 last week :-)
  3. Also I have it installed on an ACER ASPIRE LAPTOP... I can provide more info on the laptop specifics if this would help?
  4. Thank you in advance for any assistance, I tried the online tech support ROXIO offers and the system times out after 30minutes of waiting I get a message "waiting for agent..." Any way when I got to capture video from YouTube, I tap Web Video then a message box pops up saying "LAUNCH YOUR BROWSER TO START VIEWING VIDEO..." So I launch. Browser and I still getting the same message: "Launch your browser..." What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Josh