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  1. I have been helping an older couple with their computer issues, they have used Windows 98 for years the wife tends to use MS word and is now getting the hang of MS Office 2010's version of Word under Windows 7 (so far so good). The husband is more computer intense and has used this old Roxio software to create discs under the Packet Writing system, when I set up his wife's system it could not read his discs (has not done so before or wanted to) I tried the stand alone reader software thats around but it spat install out because it could not find anything it liked under hardware (adaptec stuff maybe)? To get around this I had to use my isobuster software, but then gave her in the end Magic iso which looked an easier option for her to use. I am now terrified that if I create a newer system for him he may lose this packet writing he likes or will not be able to read his discs, he also has made use of his old MS office much more in creating database situations so there must be endless linkups with data and files. My thought was to create a dual boot machine so I could copy his drive onto a larger one to do it this this way and with luck (I know driver issues with Win98 and later hardware) that would keep the database intact and I hope I can get this old Roxio software to work with this new setup. I gather that this old Roxio software was altered to enable drag and drop with some data compression method for Win 98 under the udf system, will later versions of Roxio software that can run under Windows 7 cope with this older created data discs and still packet write in the same style or will it create a new breed of discs that only Windows 7 can read. Other options of course is to keep his old system lurking about but that then brings other issues in that you need to wake it up now and again to keep it "alive" Cmos batteries going down and possible Bios corruption. Just need to sort out what can be done or not. Thanks for any help from David