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    Encoding Stuck At 61%

    Hi! Thank you for responding. I haven't tried taking out the file. Yes. it gets stuck at the 10th video out of the 14th. All videos are in windows media/wma format. edited in adobe premiere. What I meant was the place where you get to choose the clips you are going to burn. isn't it there is a playback of the videos first before you choose that certain clip? I really don't know the terms of the programs. Sorry
  2. Hi! I would just like to ask. I have Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. My encoding has stopped at video #10/14. Upon checking the video during preview (the window where you get to choose the videos you will be burning) the video also gets stuck at exactly the same time the encoding hangs. I have checked the video using a player and the video seems to work fine. The video has the same qualities as my other videos. Anyone knows what is wrong or what I should do? Thank you!