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  1. Sorry Gentlemen I forgot to come back here to post how to fix this issue for future forum searching members. If you read the thread, after a few minutes of rendering, I Lost all audio. Well, converting the files with converter worked, but it was a pita to do this every time I wanted to make a new video. Plus, you lose some quality when you have to change the file formats. THE FIX???? I obtained a NEW HD CARD for my camera, and voila! No more issues. So the issue wasn't with Roxio (and thanks to the Gurus here they gave me a good "workaround") but all you need to do is buy a new HD card for your video camera and the problem is gone.
  2. Well I haven't had time to try a brand new HD card yet, so I switched the card back into the Sony camera, reformatted, and took some video. Put the video in Roxio and voila, the first two clips when rendered had the audio, but all subsequent clips were silent. Just like when I used the JVC camera. Funny I never had this issue with either camera before. It certainly points to an HD card issue, but I figure reformatting the card would fix the issue.I will have to wait and see until I get a new HD card. When I convert the clips with AVC to another format, and re-enter the clips into Roxio, everything renders as it should - sound and all. I guess the only issue is I lose some quality in the conversion from one format to another, even when I select AVC to render at high quality. Oh well, guess I need to try the new HD card as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience I need to get down to Costco to pick one up, they are on "sale"this month!
  3. Jim the audio looks "normal" in native audio. Curious why it does the first two clips, no matter what, then stops on all later clips.... Never had this issue with my JVC camera.....could be the new HD card I am using I Bet, which happnes to be an older one I used in a Sony Camera and switched it to this one when the JVC HD card got fried, so to speak. Guess I will try a new HD card.
  4. Thank you DG I will try that. Just weird that the first two clips render with sound, then nothing thereafter. No matter the project. Will using AVC dilute the quality of the clip? Thank you. Oh...what is video copy and convert? Is that on Roxio? (I do have AVC)
  5. Well, I now have my second problem I hope someone canoffer a suggestion to. I did buy a new laptop, even though my prior issue was resolved by the experts herein. ASUAll laptop, windows 8.1 64 bit I7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50 ghz 16 gig Ram Intel HD graphics, Nividia GE force GTX 850m running Roxio Creator NXT Pro All has been good, making lots of videos. Today, I made a 40 minute volleyball video. While in the program, we can hear the running commentary of the game from start to finish, as well as the cheers from the crowd, my added sound effects, music, etc. When I rendered this into the video, the first 5 minute all is well, and then the audio simply goes quiet. I re-did it, and re-did it again, once in Archos 4, and again in Creative Zen, to see if there were a difference. Same thing on both renvered videos. The audio just shuts down after 5 minutes at the same spot. Yet, when in the program and doing the edits, the sound is present. Suggestions on how to correct? I have never heard of this problem before. THANKS YOU!
  6. Thanks for the tip. I may be a dumb blonde, but thus dummy isn't putting the laptop in the dishwasher for a good cleaning......Thanks again!
  7. Thank you to all. It's been a frustrating experience, but I think I have the answer now. Yes, it has taken several weeks to figure out, but I owe it to all the thread readers who may have this issue in the future, to try this. Everything continued to be choppy. I could not insert sound clips exactly where I wanted, the sound would not match up with choppy video, the video would not play smoothLy......and I blamed it on the program ALTHOUGH I HAVE USED ROXIO FOR YEARS WITH FEW ISSUES! Then, the rendering took forever! I mean, a 30 minute video could take 4 hours to render. So by chance, I noticed that my laptop was hot. I stuck it in an empty freezer to render, and it sped up dramatically. I took the back of my laptop off, to see if there was a bunch of dust. No there was not. So dust was not clogging my fan or anything else, it did not appear. It seemed overheating was the culprit. So on to Aliexpress.com for a nice laptop tray fan, which took about three weeks to receive from China. Just hooked it up. 5 fans blowing. Low and behold, with the fan on (and even though my laptop had been running all day).......drum roll........... the Roxio editing is no longer choppy!!!!! So, those searching for an answer, I suggest the issue is NOT with the Roxio program, but rather, my superb three year old Dell I7 laptop is getting up in age, and developing overheating issues. The fan corrected the issue and the program performing as it has in the past. I probably will still run down to MicroCenter and have them clean the insides of my computer out, and put some new paste on the fan (google it - I know nothing of this other than some sort of cooling paste becomes brittle with age and needs to be replaced.) THANKS TO ALL YOU KIND HELPERS AND EXPERT OUT THERE. I AM NOW ONE PLEASED LADY. SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MESSRS. HARDIN AND SKNIS!!!! THANK YOU ALL!
  8. Didn't work. Still not functioning properly. I will try another uninstall/install. Thank you for all your help, each of you.
  9. Thank you sir. Perhaps I am "stuck" in the mindset that I "need" a graphics card to edit video. From you response, I may be over thinking this, i.e. I don't need a new computer with a dedicated card, and integrated graphics my work fine for me. I will try to uninstall the drivers. Thanks you. I will report back. I appreciate the assistance
  10. I spent several days trying to figure out how to roll back the Nividia card drivers and couldn't figure it out. As this laptop is coming up on 4 years old,maybe it's time for a new one. Would it be accurate to say that I want a laptop with a graphics cards rather than integrated graphics? All I want it good, quick video editing processing I WILL NOT be doing any gaming. Thanks for any tips.
  11. Do you know if I can "go back" to my original videocard drivers, as it seems all te issues started when I updated the graphics card drivers? Thank you in advance.
  12. Will give this a shot, as I roll perilously close to using up my ten "loads" of the software! Thanks and I will report back.
  13. Thanks. Of course, lo and behold I tried to work on a project today with the software setting s discussed, and it was back to being choppy as it was before. I do not mind the rendering time, albeit very slow. I do mind not being able to work on a project because it is so choppy - the sound plays but the video does not move. Oh well. Since I never had this issue in the past 3 years, I guess my laptop is on its last legs. Thanks for the help, anyway! I will have to deal with it until I break out the bank on a new laptop.
  14. DG: I did not have the option to turn off Smart Code under Tools, in fact I did not see it. Tool only gave me "Find panel" and a grayed out "browse for missing files". It did give me the screen shot you depicted (clicking "option") however, so I turned it to "software rendering" from "hardware" and that seemed to get rid of all choppiness. Question - when I render this project into a video, will it still render in the "software" checked mode I switched it into? Thanks for the assist.
  15. DG: I will try as you suggested. I moved all my files to an external hard drive, then ran the same program on a brand new high speed gaming computer with a very good graphics card (don't have the specs but close to a GTX 850) but it is a brand new computer,just out of the box that is a present for someone for Christmas. I loaded all the programs.onto it (Adobe elements, office etc and yes, NXT). Lo and behold, the new computer ran the stuff with zero issue. None. No chop. Nothing. And off an external hard drive to boot! Wow. I need one of these computers. Sad thing is my current Dell never had these issues and the NXT always ran well with no chop. So at least, with your assistance, we learned it is NOT the NXT program, but rather, my computer. My computer is using 205 GB of space, and has 473 gb of space reamaining, so it is definiteley not hard drive space causing my issues (is that what HDD is?). I will follow your advice and report back. Thanks!