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    Video Looping

    All....thanks for the explanations on video looping....they are helpful. I've just added a title menu (root menu?) to my short video to see if this changes the looping feature. It does not. Looping still occurs back to the start of the video. It does NOT return to the main (title) menu, which I thought would be the case. [i've also turned off the 'continuous play/repeat' feature on the two TVs that I use to test this video on....it doesn't change the way this video plays.] Any further suggestions?
  2. TED19

    Video Looping

    It seems that Roxio Creator NXT 3 is not fully functional. There needs to be a way to choose between automatic replay and simply ending the video when the no menu option is chosen.
  3. TED19

    Video Looping

    Thanks for your comments. There is only one short video on the DVD. So no play order. It loops back to the beginning of the video and plays it over....like its running at a kiosk or something. It acts the same on all TVs and on all computers. It is the only video that I have that does this and It Is the only video I've produced to date using new Roxio NXT 3 software. When burning to disk, I opted NOT to have menus...so when its inserted in the TV DVD slot, it begins playing immediately. Thanks!
  4. I've just produced my first video with Creator NXT 3. When I burn the video to DVD, it automatically loops (starts over) when it reaches the end. How do I prevent automatic looping of videos when burned to DVD? Can't find any reference to this in Help or Knowledge Base. Suggestions?