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    Converting Lp's To Digital Format

    I've been trying to convert my old long plays into digital format so that I can burn them onto CD's. However, when the Roxio LP and Tape Assistant comes up, I'm choosing the Capture From USB Device (using the cable attachment that came with the software) but the input box only shows "Microphone" with the result that the sound is being recorded through my webcam microphone (I believe) and not direct and all sounds in the room while recording are being picked up. What do I do?
  2. Charles Attard

    Converting Lp's To Digital Format

    I've disconnected the webcam as suggested but that doesn't work. I've also tried again the suggestion made by Brendon by I'm not getting any sound. The problem seems to be that the "Capture From" box only shows me an internal card, Sigma TelAudio, and it doesn't seem to be recognizing my turntable. I did connect the cable to the Mic input. With regard to the USB connection, if I disconnect the WebCam as suggested I get "USB" recognition in the "Capture From" box and a "Line In" in the Input Box which doesn't work since I have the red and white cables coming out of the turntable and then the Roxio USB in the computer's USB port. Any more suggestions please? Thanks