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  1. DrTURTLE2

    Capture Software Only Runs With Windows Audio Disabled

    Gee Jim, thanks for the great advice that no one would ever think of. You sir are the worst at providing any helpful advice on any sort of forum I have ever seen. Its in every single post. Not just mine. Completely useless.
  2. DrTURTLE2

    Capture Software Only Runs With Windows Audio Disabled

    Not my point Jim. The device literally doesnt open unless I have Windows audio turned off.
  3. So recently, I have been trying to get my Roxio Capture software to work. Everytime I would run it, it would stop responding (Capture software has stopped responding), I saw a user post a solution to this in a different thread by going through all system services in msconfig and disabling them one by one until it worked. I did this and it started working after I disabled the service, "Windows Audio". It works with every service running except windows audio. Obviously, I need windows audio to be running in order to capture what I choose. Is there a way to enable windows audio and get the capture software running?
  4. DrTURTLE2

    Rgc Hd Pro Capture Software Crashes On Launch

    Yeah it goes back to the startup. I have no idea what changed, It was a little bit ago. I tried messing with files in the x68 program files as suggest by a technical support agent from roxio. I also tried the one thing you have suggested to many people in the past using the Revo uninstaller.
  5. Title is pretty self explanatory. I have tried reinstalling when reading others post as suggested. I have checked for updates and repairs. It has also worked in the past, streamed one day, woke up the next and it would not launch. Here is a gif of what happens when I click capture. Sorry it is on a 3rd party site, wasn't sure how to upload a gif like this. https://gyazo.com/199d7b205d14703edccbb3f91337d18a
  6. DrTURTLE2

    (Ps3) Tv Only Works When Hdmi Is Plugged Into Ps3

    I dont feel like uploading a picture when I can simply use a screen shotter I have on my computer that many other people do.. I dont see why it's such a big deal...
  7. DrTURTLE2

    (Ps3) Tv Only Works When Hdmi Is Plugged Into Ps3

    What are you talking about? The gyazo is my own picture, and I am seeing the same things as the others in those threads... All I want is some help.
  8. DrTURTLE2

    (Ps3) Tv Only Works When Hdmi Is Plugged Into Ps3

    Hey Jim, sorry for the delay. I had been searching for some topics that are like mine, and I found one that basically was the same thing as mine. (http://forums.suppor...o-signal-issue/) I tried what the OP on that thread had said worked for him. However it did not fix anything. This is what my screen is like now: http://gyazo.com/949...489c18f3dda1700 ALSO: When I try clicking "Options" my capture crashes. ALSO2.0: Mine is basically the same as the same pictures in this http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/96249-roxio-hd-capture-pro-no-signal-please-help/
  9. DrTURTLE2

    (Ps3) Tv Only Works When Hdmi Is Plugged Into Ps3

    I got my TV to work(Roxio wasn't enabled in device manager), but now when I open the capture screen I get this. http://gyazo.com/068163c510f3f8019eec79d065274d6b I cannot change my input, which is what I need to do, because it has to be on componet
  10. Hello there, I have a problem with my Roxio HD Pro. I have all the cords plugged in necessary.(HDMI from Roxio to TV, Computer plug to Roxio, Componet cables to PS3.) The problem I'm having is that the only way the TV turns on is if I have an HDMI cable running from the PS3 to the Roxio(input side of Roxio) Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks