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  1. I've been using Roxio Game capture for almost a year now, and have been flushed with a long series of problems since use, so I've gotten quite used to coming on the forums and looking for fixes to these issues. Until now I've never had to actually post a problem because usually I can find a fix somewhere, but this time nothing seems to work. I keep getting lagging issues when capturing and noticeable frame rate drops; I've tried playing with the settings, I've tried uninstalling and re-installing about 4 times now, I've tried cleaning out my pc in case it was the issue, but my pc is working fine, my pc can run the capture and it has been for almost a year with fixable issues and over 50 captures taken without lag(a few other captures have lag issues, but they were fixed and not counted in the 50 without lag), I've tried switching between xbox 360 and ps3 in case it was an issue with the video game system settings, but after all this it's nothing but lag. Please help me roxio forums, you're my only hope.