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    No Signal

    that's true thanks! Ill try the USB cord if I any more problems ill let you know!
  2. Nytmare_Elite

    No Signal

    and this should solve my problem?
  3. Nytmare_Elite

    No Signal

    So if I got a new Cable do you think my problem would be solved? If so where could I buy one?
  4. Nytmare_Elite

    No Signal

    I have tried that DVDs play fine through the TV but again wont show signal on my Capture when I need it. I just shows a green "No Signal" light.
  5. Nytmare_Elite

    No Signal

    I use a HD PRO and I recently have been having some problems with it. It is giving me a green "No Signal" light when I go to record my game as if my cable isn't in. Now I do have all the updates that the software permits as well as making sure the cables are in properly. I can see the game on my TV screen just fine. But I cant see it or record it on laptop. I use a Windows 8 laptop which ive recorded and uploaded from before 90% of my recording has been on my ne laptop. It just started doing this maybe a month ago id estimate. I hope you can figure out a solution please help!