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    Bluray Burning Issue

    Sorry, I also meant to add that I've done all of this through the firewire connection. I haven't tried connecting my bluray burner with USB as yet.
  2. OzzyEzza

    Bluray Burning Issue

    Hi guys, good news, sort of. I've been successful in burning to bluray. But here are my findings; - I'm running a 2007 Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard. My MBP was top of the line back then so it does the job but I don't have an option 'Prevent app sleep' in my Info pop up boxes. - I saved as a Disc Image as opposed to burning direct, and then attempted to burn the disc image as you suggested, Tsantee. I got to the 90% mark and it froze again. - So as a punt, I reinstalled the HD plugin. - I also removed all my external hard drives (i normally have 4 connected) aside from the one I was burning from. - And I removed the music files from my BD toast project. Ie: I had about ten video clips on my project, and then I had 13 AIFF music files after that, which were all contained in a folder. - I then saved another Disc Image file, and was then succesful at burning that to BD! I've been able to burn a number of BD's after tweaking my BD toast project 5 times (different menus, editing menu titles, adding chapters etc), however, on my 2nd last attempt, I tried adding back in the audio files into my BD toast project, and re-saved another Disc Image. I was able to burn off another BD from this Disc Image. But upon viewing the BD I found that I hadn't added in the Artist names of my music files. So I went back to my BD toast project, updated the artist names, and saved as another Disc Image. This time the burn process has gone 50% of the way through and it has frozen again. It's hard to say whether the music files are the issue, but I have had no problems saving as a Disc Image and then burning to BD when they are not on there, and when they are on there, I've only been able to succesfully burn 1 out of 4 attempts. So my solution here is to leave the music files off, but if anyone has any thoughts on including music files on a BD, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. OzzyEzza

    Bluray Burning Issue

    Hi, has anyone else had an issue with Toast 12 burning to bluray? I have the bluray/HD plugin installed (from Toast 11), setup the disc, add files (apple intermediate codec), create the menu etc. Then I hit the burn button to start the process. It starts encoding and makes it through that ok. Then it gets to about 60 - 65% into the bluray disc writing process and stops. To clarify, by 'stop', I mean the percentage complete indicator stops, the write speed seems to freeze, but my bluray burner is definitely still trying to do something. I've tried 3 times and on the last go left it for 22 hours once the percentage had stopped moving up, just to see if the program was still 'thinking' about the next step before progressing. Upon hitting cancel, the dialogue box that asks if I'm sure I want to cancel only lasts on screen for about a second. When I do confirm the cancel quick enough, it doesn't actually stop the process. I have to Force Quit Toast and shut down my computer to get the process to stop.m When I go into Force Quit, it doesn't say that Toast is 'Not Responding'. This is the first time I've been using Toast 12 to burn bluray - did it with Toast 11 ok. I have a Macbook Pro, version 10.6.8, use Verbatim single layer bluray discs, and an external Mercury Pro Optical bluray burner drive connected by firewire. Any ideas?