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    Disk Label Defaults

    Is there a way to change the disk label default of an automatic check in the print disk outline box? Sometimes it is dimmed in labels that I have saved as a project and I cannot "undim" it. I never want it to print that outline on any of my labels. Thank you.
  2. Efromor

    .jwl Thumbnails

    Thank you for going to all that trouble, I do appreciate it. I did install Roxio Creator 2010 to an alternate drive. The man who built my computer (and who now has macular degeneration so bad that he cannot see even a huge screen and a keyboard with yellow keys with black letters on them, does not believe in large C drives as he uses ghost to back up his C drive and doesn't want it to take too long. He made this computer for himself and it is a really nice computer, but too little portioned to C for me as I like to have lots of programs to do all the fun things on my computer. I use Roxio mostly for labels -- the advanced label maker is pretty good although I have issues with it, such as I have to remember to uncheck the print disc outline every time. I've tried saving my blank with it unchecked and that works until the machine is turned off and then back on again. Quite annoying. I didn't have to uncheck it when it was in XP. This seems inexplicable to me as it is the same program. This computer is dual boot Windows 7 and XP but I am finally using 7 most of the time. I also use Roxio to make audio CDs sometimes, I have been a Roxio user for many years. It's only with Windows 7 that I'm having these little annoying problems. Would a newer or different version of Roxio work better with Windows 7? I like to have control over my programs and fear that it is not Roxio as much as it is Microsoft that is causing the glitches in control. Perhaps it is because I am using an older version with Windows 7? I definitely do not need the version that edits and makes DVDs and videos. Could you recommend a solution to these little problems? I can't afford the extra space of installing part of Roxio to my C drive -- it is too full already. Thanks for your time and expertise, efromor
  3. Efromor

    .jwl Thumbnails

    Sorry for the delay in replying, digital guru. I don't know how I did it... if I knew that, I would try it in Windows 7 : - ) It's been too long ago to remember. About the search for the audio icon, I remove that and other default pics from all my jwl projects, so why would it be looking for it? Is there some way to tell the program to look on my E drive where it now is stored? Thankful for help, Efromor
  4. Efromor

    .jwl Thumbnails

    Also, I tried to save a project and was given this error message: C:\Users\Elaine\AppData\Local\Temp\RoxioLC\CD_audio_R.png was not found. I think this is because I had to put the Roxio files on a drive other than C as my C drive is nearly full. It took some "fancy dancing" to get it to put the files on this other drive and now it may be searching for them and can't find them. Is it possible to fix it so that it looks in the right place? This is Windows 7 Pro and Roxio 2010. Why is it looking for CD audio when it's supposed to be saving a label? It is a label for an audio CD, but it is a label.
  5. Efromor

    .jwl Thumbnails

    The projects that are named xxx.jwl are saved with thumbnails and I used to be able to see what they looked like in XP. Now they are all the same and not what they really look like. I think I made them in Roxio Creator 2010; isn't that what this forum is about? Perhaps they were made in an earlier version. Is there no way to get them to show their real image, if not? Thanks, Efromor
  6. Efromor

    .jwl Thumbnails

    How can I make the .jwl thumbnails show their "true image" in Windows 7 when I'm trying to open a project in advanced label mode?