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    Does Toast 8.0.5 work with Snow Leopard?

    Too late to ignore. I sympathize with the general gist of your comments, which support my reasons for Toast 8 being the last Roxio product I intend to purchase. Mostly, repeated failures to get their help for just one issue the only time I'd ever needed it (after exhausting alternatives) was incredibly frustrating. Glad to hear 8.0.5 is at least partly functional on SL. At this point the only thing that could tempt me to purchase a newer version would be if I was certain the significant resource/memory problems I've had were resolved, which I seriously doubt.
  2. sjkrox

    Automatic Chapter Markers in MPEG-2 Video

    Good point. Btw, I realized my earlier suggestion for disabling chapter markers won't work with MPEG-2 files in Toast. So cancel that in favor of your suggestions that do actually work.
  3. sjkrox

    Automatic Chapter Markers in MPEG-2 Video

    Have you tried disabling them in Toast by clicking the Edit… button next to an imported clip, selecting the Video tab, and setting DVD Chapters to None under its menu?
  4. sjkrox

    Disc Spanning without file splitting?

    One purpose I'd have for this would be to keep original EyeTV MPEG-2 Transport Stream recordings from being split across disks so playback can be done directly from a single disk.
  5. sjkrox

    Toast 8.0.3 in 10.5.1 leaking memory when multiplexing?

    What you're describing instantly reminds me of this long outstanding problem. Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!) Since that's never been resolved or explained to my satisfaction I really don't have help to offer (plus I'm still running 10.4.11). I'm quite curious, what's the origin of your MPEG-2 files?
  6. sjkrox

    Toast 8.0.3 Breaks Apple's Dock in Leopard

    Apparently this problem is still unresolved? Still running Tiger here but am keeping an eye out for any issues I might encounter with Leopard since I'm intending to upgrade relatively soon. Thanks.
  7. sjkrox

    How can I get this on one disc?

    For future reference, you could use a utility like MPEG Streamclip to split video into multiple parts that will fit uncompressed on multiple DVDs. But since you said this particular EyeTV recording was "just a little too big" tsantee's method was easier and produced acceptable compressed quality on a single DVD.
  8. sjkrox

    Jumpy Video w/Toast 8.0.3 -- new user, more info

    Wish I'd seen this thread before writing the last paragraph in my recent post.
  9. sjkrox

    Automatic Chapter Markers in MPEG-2 Video

    And I'll guess that you read my post from yesterday about that on Elgato's forum (where I'll be going next after here). I've noticed Toast occasionally automatically re-encoded EyeTV 200's MPEG-2 Transport Stream recordings for no apparent reason, although that hasn't happened recently enough that I remember the details. casmithva didn't mention the model of EyeTV [edit: EyeTV Hybrid (North American/NTSC), according to your other post I just noticed that kind of supersedes this question] but if it's one that receives HDTV MPEG-2 directly might that be more susceptible to DVD non-compliance? Sorry if that not asked quite accurately; I've still got analog/SDTV here so HDTV is less familiar.
  10. sjkrox

    Will Toast 8 convert PAL to NTSC ?

    The Media Browser will also find a VIDEO_TS folder located in the Movies folder. Symbolic links to the VIDEO_TS folder are followed; aliases aren't.
  11. sjkrox

    Toast, Popcorn and the new Apple TV

    The VIDEO_TS folder can also be located in the Movies folder. Symbolic links are followed; aliases aren't. Awkwardly unintuitive access method, IMO.
  12. sjkrox

    Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!)

    I don't get crashes (sorry to hear that you do) but Toast (8.0.1) still doesn't throttle its memory usage and the OS never releases the virtual memory swap space long after Toast has quit. Safari, on the other hand, can suck a lot of memory but quitting it will show an immediate reduction in swap space.
  13. sjkrox

    Disk Cover RE and Toast 8

    Disc Cover is currently limited to importing video data from a text file and the RE version doesn't even support that capability. Unfortunately the response to my importing EyeTV (and other?) video data post on the Disc Cover forum wasn't encouraging.
  14. sjkrox

    eyetv file format not accepted/ media browser issue

    Easiest thing might be to create aliases to EyeTV recordings from different locations in the EyeTV Archive folder you've configured in EyeTV so those recordings will show up in both EyeTV's Recordings list and Toast's Media Browser. Check the Can I use aliases in the EyeTV Archive? FAQ for more details.
  15. sjkrox

    MPEG2 editing in Toast 8

    Yep, EyeTV editing is limited to its own recordings. I haven't found anything better than MPEG Streamclip for "low-budget" MPEG-2 editing on OS X.