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    Does Toast 8.0.5 work with Snow Leopard?

    Too late to ignore. I sympathize with the general gist of your comments, which support my reasons for Toast 8 being the last Roxio product I intend to purchase. Mostly, repeated failures to get their help for just one issue the only time I'd ever needed it (after exhausting alternatives) was incredibly frustrating. Glad to hear 8.0.5 is at least partly functional on SL. At this point the only thing that could tempt me to purchase a newer version would be if I was certain the significant resource/memory problems I've had were resolved, which I seriously doubt.
  2. sjkrox

    Automatic Chapter Markers in MPEG-2 Video

    Good point. Btw, I realized my earlier suggestion for disabling chapter markers won't work with MPEG-2 files in Toast. So cancel that in favor of your suggestions that do actually work.
  3. sjkrox

    Automatic Chapter Markers in MPEG-2 Video

    Have you tried disabling them in Toast by clicking the Edit… button next to an imported clip, selecting the Video tab, and setting DVD Chapters to None under its menu?
  4. [This is a re-post of a message from last December on the pre-upgraded forum] Hi, Rob. I took a short break from a partly frustrating Toast marathon for an infrequent visit here to look for posts related to memory usage (mostly) and happened to find yours (with its clearly descriptive subject). robert_kennedy2 wrote: That's odd, no one else has this problem? I most definitely have the same problem you described with Toast (7.0.1 on 10.4.3) consuming every bit of my iMac G5's 2GB RAM + VM it can while creating Video-DVD from EyeTV 200 MPEG-2 recordings. And it's generally not well-behaved with memory usage in other scenarios either, which I'll ignore for now to focus on your specific example since it's been crippling my system this weekend. Here's a summary: Toast has been triggering dynamic_pager to create four or five new swapfiles in /var/vm. Soon after that this message appears in /var/log/system.log: Dec 18 12:20:49 halo kernel[0]: (default pager): [KERNEL]: no space in available paging segments At that point there's about 8GB available on the startup volume, which I'd expect to be enough space to create another swapfile. Toast still keeps running, but when quit only one swapfile might eventually disappear. I've been able to avoid that by rebooting the iMac, logging in with Login Items disabled, and keeping system usage minimal except to run Toast (starting by giving it as much RAM/VM as possible). And by restarting Toast between memory-sucking "sessions", e.g. creating a disk image from a set of EyeTV recordings, only one additional swapfile is created. If I don't restart Toast then the swapfile parade will start, and might also generate these console log messages: Toast Titanium(3417,0xa000ed68) malloc: *** vm_allocate(size=8421376) failed (error code=3) Toast Titanium(3417,0xa000ed68) malloc: *** error: can't allocate region Toast Titanium(3417,0xa000ed68) malloc: *** set a breakpoint in szone_error to debug <...ad nauseam...> Dec 18 12:31:48 halo crashdump[3889]: Toast Titanium crashed Which always ends with a crash. I can relaunch Toast and successfully rerun that particular Toast session without rebooting, but the swapfiles will remain. This sort of misbehavior is consistently reproducible. One last point to mention (maybe unrelated) is that the iMac froze (full-blow fans, no kernel panic) near the end of the first Toast session on Friday, somewhere near the end of multiplexing and before starting to write a disk image. After doing system integrity rituals I decided to conservatively limit activity mostly to Toast, which is how I discovered what I just wrote about memory usage. First time the system's locked up that way since getting it repaired several months ago and it hasn't happened again since Friday. That's basically it. I'm somewhat distracted by getting this burning project finished so specific details, like the exact number of swapfiles after the "parade" starts, may not be 100% accurate but that seems irrelevant to the problem. Hopefully Roxio support folks will notice this followup and give us (and anyone else who's interested) some feedback. It's really bugging me (pun intended) to be using Toast and my iMac this way. --- Additional info: I've only had one iMac freeze-up since then but the problem with excessive virtual memory use and generally poor system performance still occurs when using Toast 7.0.2 on OS X 10.4.5.
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    Disc Spanning without file splitting?

    One purpose I'd have for this would be to keep original EyeTV MPEG-2 Transport Stream recordings from being split across disks so playback can be done directly from a single disk.
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    Toast 8.0.3 in 10.5.1 leaking memory when multiplexing?

    What you're describing instantly reminds me of this long outstanding problem. Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!) Since that's never been resolved or explained to my satisfaction I really don't have help to offer (plus I'm still running 10.4.11). I'm quite curious, what's the origin of your MPEG-2 files?
  7. sjkrox

    Toast 8.0.3 Breaks Apple's Dock in Leopard

    Apparently this problem is still unresolved? Still running Tiger here but am keeping an eye out for any issues I might encounter with Leopard since I'm intending to upgrade relatively soon. Thanks.
  8. sjkrox

    How can I get this on one disc?

    For future reference, you could use a utility like MPEG Streamclip to split video into multiple parts that will fit uncompressed on multiple DVDs. But since you said this particular EyeTV recording was "just a little too big" tsantee's method was easier and produced acceptable compressed quality on a single DVD.
  9. sjkrox

    Jumpy Video w/Toast 8.0.3 -- new user, more info

    Wish I'd seen this thread before writing the last paragraph in my recent post.
  10. sjkrox

    Automatic Chapter Markers in MPEG-2 Video

    And I'll guess that you read my post from yesterday about that on Elgato's forum (where I'll be going next after here). I've noticed Toast occasionally automatically re-encoded EyeTV 200's MPEG-2 Transport Stream recordings for no apparent reason, although that hasn't happened recently enough that I remember the details. casmithva didn't mention the model of EyeTV [edit: EyeTV Hybrid (North American/NTSC), according to your other post I just noticed that kind of supersedes this question] but if it's one that receives HDTV MPEG-2 directly might that be more susceptible to DVD non-compliance? Sorry if that not asked quite accurately; I've still got analog/SDTV here so HDTV is less familiar.
  11. sjkrox

    Will Toast 8 convert PAL to NTSC ?

    The Media Browser will also find a VIDEO_TS folder located in the Movies folder. Symbolic links to the VIDEO_TS folder are followed; aliases aren't.
  12. sjkrox

    Toast, Popcorn and the new Apple TV

    The VIDEO_TS folder can also be located in the Movies folder. Symbolic links are followed; aliases aren't. Awkwardly unintuitive access method, IMO.
  13. sjkrox

    Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!)

    I don't get crashes (sorry to hear that you do) but Toast (8.0.1) still doesn't throttle its memory usage and the OS never releases the virtual memory swap space long after Toast has quit. Safari, on the other hand, can suck a lot of memory but quitting it will show an immediate reduction in swap space.
  14. sjkrox

    Disk Cover RE and Toast 8

    Disc Cover is currently limited to importing video data from a text file and the RE version doesn't even support that capability. Unfortunately the response to my importing EyeTV (and other?) video data post on the Disc Cover forum wasn't encouraging.
  15. sjkrox

    eyetv file format not accepted/ media browser issue

    Easiest thing might be to create aliases to EyeTV recordings from different locations in the EyeTV Archive folder you've configured in EyeTV so those recordings will show up in both EyeTV's Recordings list and Toast's Media Browser. Check the Can I use aliases in the EyeTV Archive? FAQ for more details.
  16. sjkrox

    MPEG2 editing in Toast 8

    Yep, EyeTV editing is limited to its own recordings. I haven't found anything better than MPEG Streamclip for "low-budget" MPEG-2 editing on OS X.
  17. sjkrox

    Video encoding improvements in Toast 8?

    DivX 6.6 is the current version of the product suite download, which includes version 6.4 of the codec that apparently can't be downloaded/installed separately from other components in the suite.
  18. sjkrox

    Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!)

    Can you elaborate a bit? Then maybe it's the "non-most" part that's troublesome? I don't experience this overt memory consumption issue with any other video-intensive applications I'm using on either system (2GB iMac G5, 1.5GB eMac). It might be more tolerable if dynamic_pager removed extra swapfiles it creates while Toast (or Popcorn) are chugging away, but they want to stick around until a logout or reboot. An unreasonable amount of vigilant and restrictive system usage is necessary when Toast or Popcorn are being used. It's essentially forced me to dedicate blocks of time to "standalone" Toast/Popcorn sessions, which is unacceptable given how long some of the processes take. I've been a Roxio customer since not long after buying my first Mac in 2001. This is the first time I'm asking for more help to resolve the only significant problem I've had during that time. I'm offering as much of my own time and effort that it'll take to find a satisfactory solution, which may eventually just be better understanding why this can't/won't be fixed. If this weren't important to me or I'd discovered an adequate workaround I certainly wouldn't be bringing it up again over a year since originally reporting it. And I'm not the kind of person who wants help or asks for it unless/until I really need it; I'm usually the computer geek resolving other people's problems.
  19. sjkrox

    Upgraded from v7...can I delete v7?

    I think their intentions were having a bad hair day. No need to belabor the topic here. I've wondered if Toast could be a middleman between EyeTV and Disc Cover, which I briefly tried to explain in yesterday's post on the BeLight Software Forum: importing EyeTV (and other?) video data I've done something like that with EyeTV -> Toast -> Discus, but Toast uses a limited amount of information from EyeTV which then limits what Discus might use. I'm sure I'll have more specific suggestions once I'm actually using Toast 8 and Disc Cover RE. Direct EyeTV -> Disc Cover integration would be preferable to involving Toast, of course. I'm just exploring what may actually be possible. Btw, any chance of getting some feedback from Roxio on: Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!), poor system resource management That's been seriously debilitating my Toast usage for a couple years and is certainly a much higher priority for me than any of the integration stuff discussed earlier (and all other Toast-related issues I have, for that matter). Thanks! [edit: I just noticed a response from freshburh there but it doesn't help resolve the issue]
  20. sjkrox

    Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!)

    Thanks for the feedback, Greg. Even with gbhardy's information I still don't see any pattern to this. I'd really like some feedback from Roxio and/or Elgato because they obviously have more experience and resources than I do. I'll certainly provide whatever I can (e.g. specific content) that might help isolate this long-nagging problem. I've ordered a Toast 8 upgrade and will known soon enough if that makes any difference.
  21. sjkrox

    Upgraded from v7...can I delete v7?

    I'll use Discus RE that's bundled with Toast 7 but can't see paying for any version, especially following an incident with Magic Mouse a couple years ago. After expressing my opinion that Discus' UI seemed outdated MM reacted with defensive, falsely accusing remarks. Instead of possibly asking for some clarification of what I meant they came across with an attitude of disrespect and disinterest that made an uncomfortable negative first impression. Oh well.
  22. sjkrox

    Upgraded from v7...can I delete v7?

    Thanks for answering my question if a newer version of Discus s included with Toast 8 before I had a chance to ask it. I'd eventually like to, but Discus still has more flexible "import from Toast" capabilities than Disc Cover.
  23. sjkrox

    Toast 7 + Eyetv = 100% Virtual Memory (!)

    Wow, I can barely believe anyone would still respond about this problem. Thank you! Both Toast 7.1.2 and Popcorn 2.0.1 can definitely consume excessive amounts of virtual memory under different circumstances, not necessary related to EyeTV recordings. I'm not doing anything fancy and my systems are cleanly configured so it's a mystery why no one else is reporting this. Regrettably, until Roxio/Sonic shows some sign of interest it just seems a waste of time providing more specific details of the symptoms.
  24. sjkrox

    converting video_ts to Quicktime

    Will iMovie read the audio track(s) in the MPEG-4 file?
  25. sjkrox

    False CSS encryption message--please help!

    Big thanks to you for discovering the (or a) reason behind those mysteriously random CSS encryption warnings from both Toast (7.1) and Popcorn (2.0) after mounting disk images containing EyeTV 200 recordings (created directly with Toast as DVD Video). It was puzzling when it first appeared about 4-5 months ago but since it and my burning sessions were infrequent enough I hadn't bothered following up before now. I've been using a convention of appending strings like [s#D#] to image filenames as an abbreviation for Season #, Disk #. Since Toast and Popcorn didn't consistently display the CSS warning I hadn't realized certain characters (e.g. square brackets) in filenames could trigger it. Two precise recent examples: Dog Bites Man [s1D1] (CSS dialog appears) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [s2D1] (no CSS dialog appears) It's certainly not obvious to me what's special about the second one; does the single quote or longer length somehow matter? I'll let Roxio figure it out, if they're interested.