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    Burning Dvd

    I have same setup... with both Toast 11 & 12... after 12 failed to burn any DVDs I reinstalled my old 11 which worked... Now I still cannot burn and DVDs.. even data DVDs.... had to Use Mac OS Finder to burn Data... I believe it's with Yosemite... so many same reports... I can burn CDs all day long with either 11 or 12. I repaired permissions, ran Onyx for Yosemite, turned off all Login Apps like DropBox, Google Drive, PopChar, & KeyCue. Got The following error Dialog for every attempt to burn DVDs (screenshot enclosed)
  2. MacAwesome88

    Dvd Burn Fails With Toast 11,12 & Yosemite

    Apple, you owe me for 3 Blank DVDs since I tried burning 3 DVDs... one Movie DVD and Two Data DVDs all failed at 37% or 38% with the Error Shown in the Screen Shot Below...Never had any Problems with Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks. I even Tried reinstalling Both versions of Toast 11.2 & 12.1 thinking it was the software.... very frustrating when these were going to be shown for company on Christmas Day. If I had known this I would have purchased $40.00 cable to go from MacBook Pro to LCD TV (DVI out to HDMI). Dam this *****... (MacBook Pro 2012 w/ 16GB Ram 500GB HD • Yosemite 10.10.1) Using Brand New SONY DVD-R up to 16X Blank DVDs Error Dialog (tried to attach the picture but nothing working for me today): SENSE KEY = ILLEGAL REQUEST SENSE CODE = 0X30, 0x05 CANNOT WRITE MEDIUM, INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT Sincerely Disappointed Robert