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  1. Ok Thanks. Have now brought it back. Will order it from Roxio.
  2. Thought I'd posted this but cannot find it. I bought easy vhs to dvd plus 3 at a store with no disc and was told I could download software so how do I do that? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, I purchased the very last box on the shelf of Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus from a retail chain but it had no disc which i was made aware of before purchasing. Was told I could download software online instead. I don't have a valid serial number it seems so how do I do this? I have the hardware but obviously need the matching software. Otherwise I'll be taking it back. I knew the box had no disc but it was the last one and they couldn't find it so they assured me I could download it online? Is this in fact true or not? i have the receipts so can bring it back. Thanks Liam Australia