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    How To Place Chapters In Dvd

    Guru...Thanks for the response/help! I was thinking I'd end up needing that older iLife/iDVD version. I tried downloading "free versions" only to find that they only provide the iDVD 7 "Upgrade" file.. not the underlying base file needed. Does anyone have a reliable site/process to download a free functioning copy of the older iDVD software? if not, I guess I'll need to buy on Amazon. Thanks again. Eric
  2. EricD

    How To Place Chapters In Dvd

    Hi Digital Guru... just sent you below note directly but wanted to hedge my bet to assure you saw it and/or if anyone else can help a frustrated newbie!! Please review below: **************************************************************** Hello and Happy Holidays from Livonia, MI, Hope you don't mind that I came directly to you for help, but for all the very recent/intense research I've done on this issue, I've found your posts most clear and helpful. Following mostly your posts I've gone from NO ability/clue how to add chapter markers to at least getting some semblance of chapter markers created/burned onto a DVD. progress!!! Here's where I'm at! Per attached picture, though I created "descriptive" Chapter Markers in iMovie 09... Upon burning them onto DVD w/ Toast 11, only the "numerical" Chapter markers from Toast appear on final DVD. I "believe" I've followed the recommendations correctly when I shared Via the Browser" (instead of Drag-n-Drop), but I could me wrong. I would be most grateful for any help to turn this last corner in my quest for meaningful Descriptive Chapter Marker titles. (FYI...I've seen some of the recommendations that appear to explain how to achieve this result by some how creating "individual clips" and then incorporating them via Toast...each as clip as a chapter. I understand that concept, but frankly can't fully understand implementing that solution) Thank you for your time and again, I will greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Sincerely, Eric