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    Video Capture Usb - Only Audio Working

    I copied over the setup.exe from the cd and transferred it via USB to my laptop. After installing the software for Easy VHS to DVD, the USB Capture device is now working properly. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, I recently purchased the Roxio Video Capture USB for use with a trial of Roxio Creator 9. The USB device originally came with a copy of Easy DVD to VHS, however, I cannot use that software on my laptop since it does not have a CD drive. I installed the driver for the device right from Roxio's website, and plugged it into my laptop. I then connected the component cables to the 'out" jacks on my VCR. However, when I go to the "video capture" portion of Roxio Creator 9, Only the audio is recognized. ​The only video device option I have available is my webcam. The videos play fine when I plug the same cables into my TV. It's strange to me that the device itself is recognized; I see it as an option if I were to record audio only. However just the video portion of the feed is not recognized. Any thoughts?