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  1. had nxt pro 2 installed on windows 7 , high end alienware dell laptop. My DVD would NOT save to the DVD , Windows works fine applications save to the DVD. Roxio NXT 2 would NOT save to DVD. Won't recognize DVD -r or DVD +r while EVERYTHING else on the laptop works and saves fine to those DVD's. . So stupid me, I thought I need to upgrade to NXT pro 3 for $80. Still DVD does not work, no tech support, nothing , but this post. So Anyone out there , realize that ROXIO MYDVD does not BURN to DVD, and you cannot get tech support . Hours of frustration thinking I am doing something wrong, but really its the SOFTWARE that cannot burn to DVD, which ironically is what this software is to do. You can create an ISO image, then burn a DVD using the Roxio DVD software to create the DVD, MyDVD creator won't burn it . So good luck getting any answers from Roxio. Last time I ever buy one of there products, EVER