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    Opening Rcl Files

    When I installed the newest version, it uninstalled all previous versions which for me was 2011. However, I was NOT able to open these files with 2011 either. I received the same error message. My version was working because I had just burned several disks with no problems, but then, after Christmas, the 2011 version was not working. Its like it became deactivated or something and the drag and drop icon was gone as well.
  2. jkrox

    Opening Rcl Files

    Hi Brendon, Thanks or your reply Can I purchase a Creator Classic 2012 and get the files open?
  3. I just upgraded from Creator 2011 to Creator NXT3 in hopes of being able to open several RCL files created by Creator 2011. They STILL won't open and the are really important pictures. I get an error message "This trial version has expired." Well, I was not using a trial version and I have just upgraded and I still get the same error message. Please help me!!!