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  1. It seems like every time I want to record, I have to make a new post asking why it won't work. I've tried a repair and a reinstall - neither worked. I've got all my cables hooked up properly (one from the tv to roxio, and console to roxio) and I know for a fact that the USB port on my PC is functional and working. As for the software, I get a red no signal status. I've tried turning the roxmedia thing in services on automatic, but that did not change anything for me. Most of the buttons on the capture menu are greyed out except for the source box, which only has "Roxio GameCap HD PRO" as a selection. Beyond this, I don't know what else to say. It's worked before but I don't know why it won't work now.
  2. Hello again. Sorry for long response times on my part; I'm half-lazy half-busy. I tried the repair as you stated two or three times. Actually though, I got it to work and ended up recording. Maybe it was just a coincidence that it worked this time, but after setting roxio's priority from normal to above normal in the task manager, it worked?
  3. *bump I'm still having another problem if anyone cares to help. I'm trying to record something new, but I cannot get past launching the recording software. If it opens fully with the capture preview open and everything, then it will usually crash and hang for a good 5 minutes. I've tried reinstalling the software, updating it, restarting my computer, and have just recently wiped the drive clean and started anew. It's not that I didn't have this problem before, only that it would occasionally work. Today, I've had nothing but crashes.
  4. Oh, I wasn't aware it was just going to bring up the system info lol. Does this help?
  5. Updating it did not solve anything, I'm sorry to say! What is Win-Pause? Is this something I have to download?
  6. Okay, so I recorded some gameplay on my Wii U and some audio separately. The files on there own are fine, but after bringing them into the Roxio editing software and cutting out some bits, it picks a particular second and the video will black out, the audio will continue playing, and the program will crash. If I export the file, the program will stop exporting at the same particular second. I tried re-doing it all, only for it to pause around a very similar minute and second, and I've also tried restarting the program and my computer. Could anyone lend a hand? If I need to provide some kind of crash report or computer info, please also tell me how to retrieve that for you. Thanks!
  7. Teashi

    Garbled Audio, Blue Screen?

    Thanks for the replies. I understand that the hdmi doesn't work, but the instructions say to leave it in anyways. Does that affect anything? Also, the cables I'm using are red, white, and yellow. Are these the right cables, or no? Thanks again!
  8. Teashi

    Garbled Audio, Blue Screen?

    To quote myself: "So I've set up my device as the given instructions have stated". I've connected the roxio to my tv, ps3, and computer, as the instructions state. All the cables were plugged in, and the software on my computer was not giving me anything but a blue screen and a garbled version of the game's audio. I set up the ps3 in the way the instructions asked, the only problem I encountered during SETUP was that the ps3 did not like me setting up on 480p or 1080i... only letting me select the basic standard option.
  9. Teashi

    Garbled Audio, Blue Screen?

    So I've set up my device as the given instructions have stated, to the best of my knowledge (not that much, in terms of cables and computers), but all I am getting on the preview screen of the software is garbled sounds from the game and a blue screen. The instructions said, despite being a ps3, to leave the hdmi connected from the ps3 to the device connected. That gave me no audio or blue screen, but an HDMI input with signal protected and a component input with no signal. The screenshot above has the hdmi cable disconnected from the roxio, resulting in my question. The only other thing I can mention is that when I had to select the resolution type on the ps3, i could not select any resolution other than the already checked "standard" option. Checking 480p or 1080i resulted in the screen blacking, as the ps3 wouldn't accept them. I'm pretty sure this is the tv I have: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-32-class-31-1-2-diag--lcd-720p-60hz-hdtv/2893174.p?id=1218361269835&skuId=2893174 I'm not sure what to do? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.