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    Issues With .mov Format

    Personally I have Roxio Creator 2011, and using the Video Copy & Convert program within that, which is why I thought this was the proper forum, I apologize if I posted in the incorrect one! The 2010 was just referencing a previous thread that I found while looking into this. Thank you for your prompt response and helpful advice! Was rather frustrating last night going through everything, but at least now I have a clear idea of what to do when I get home tonight! Heh, thank you, was rather surprised by it myself! Loving it so far, except this little hitch which isn't much.
  2. LeiAfkpuz

    Issues With .mov Format

    I just recently received a Nikon D7000 camera and was messing around with the video feature on it. When I imported it onto my computer using the Nikon program and clicked to watch it in windows video player it was just fine. Brought just the .mov into Roxio to edit it and play around and the audio was very desynced, after a few hours of googling around and finding old threads on this forum stating various ways to get .mov converted over while fixing that audio desync and nothing working, I stumbled upon a post stating that versions after 2010 have issues converting .mov without the desync from the audio. So basically, is there anyway I can convert this .mov file from my Nikon(currently on my computer) to any other format that will work with Roxio editing video without the audio desync? Or do I need to trust some of these sketchy programs I found while Googling this?