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    Blu-Ray Not Functional

    Yes, I carefully installed all three download packages - a total of 3.7GB. No reported errors at all, and all anti-virus and firewall software disabled. As an aside, I was also very disappointed to note that the SonicFire sound package was deleted. This a new build PC, so there should not have been time for Windows Creep to set in and cause conflicts. Also, I am careful not to run any memory enhancement software, registry cleaners, etc. ----------------------------------------------------- ASUS motherboard - model Z97-A (LGA 1150) / Intel CORE i7-4790K processor ASUS GEFORCE GT640-DCSL-2GD3 - 2GB DD3 memory (Silent) Samsung SSD - 1TB 840EVO / (2) Seagate 2TB each - ST2000DX001 ASUS Blu-Ray Burner - 16X model BW-16D1T - S/N E1D0CF080172 LG Blu-Ray Burner - ANTEC Case and PC Cooling & Power 750W power supply
  2. BenT

    Blu-Ray Not Functional

    I installed Roxio Creator NXT 3 PRO from downloads. Performed install, then removed and re-installed with antivirus disabled. My computer has two (2) SATA Blu-Ray drives - an older LG drive and a new Asus BW-16D1T. Roxio will recognize a BD blank disc, and will burn a data disc to blu-ray. However, when I open MyDVD, the blu-ray option is grayed out and cannot be selected. Also, I cannot play a blu-ray using WinDVD - the software says "Media Not Supported".