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    Using Software Causes Bsod

    Just forget it. I'm going to buy the Elgato instead. Thanks for your help, I guess.
  2. nokuto

    Using Software Causes Bsod

    My laptop doesn't have a disc drive. I still have the CD, but currently no computer to put it in as my old laptop that I first installed the software on no longer works. I was able to get the capture software again by downloading service pack 2 on this page. Edit: Sorry, I linked the wrong page. I meant this one.
  3. nokuto

    Using Software Causes Bsod

    When I open the capture software, after a few minutes (not actually recording anything, just before I click the capture button) my computer suddenly gets a blue screen of death. It has happened three times today, with all three times the software was open. In the first BSOD, I got an error code that read "APC_INDEX_MISMATCH" and the second and third times it said Kernel Security Check Failure. It was working perfectly yesterday. I managed to record several gameplays in full HD with absolutely no lag, so I don't understand why this is happening now. I even updated my Windows and ran a virus scan (nothing detected). I'm using an Inspiron 15-5547 running Windows 8.1.