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    Hooking The Hd Pro To A Monitor, Help.

    Ok, So the component cables hook into the Roxio HD and then the other part i can plug hdmi into and run the cable to my computer screen, on the end of the 2 Converters, is a hdmi that i plug the other into then it converts it into DVI then into VGA. On the other side of the Roxio, i just bought a simple component cable that gamestop sells that just plugs into the back of the xbox.
  2. YeRoyalFreshness

    Hooking The Hd Pro To A Monitor, Help.

    So i recently bought the HD Pro and found out it didnt come with anything i needed, besides the usb to computer cord, that wasent a issue since i have a monitor instead of a tv, so i bought all the items i needed, Component cables, Little accessories that convert a HDMI cable to component, and 2 things for the back of my screen that convert hdmi to DVI then VGA, i got it all setup and it does work, except the fact that i cant see my xbox on the screen, Since i use the same screen for my computer and xbox, it doesnt come up at all except on the Roxio Capture. So does it just not work with the same screen? or are you SOPPOSED to play it on the Roxio Capture cause theres a #$^@ 2 second delay, A'int Nobody got time for that. So please help, if you would like photos, i could send some of the setup.