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    No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    Tried that. This was the first video I found. Unfortunately, the poster seems to have an older (but somehow more advanced), non HD version of the software I'm using. When I go to options, I have no audio tab. Just General, Hotkeys, Twitch.tv, and YouTube. Honestly, if it had been something I could have found via googling, I wouldn't have registered an account here to begin with.
  2. Jonesy_Jonesage

    No Audio Recording When Usb Headset Is Plugged In. (Ps4)

    I did, they're all tutorials on how to record chat audio, or real time narration. Additionally, none of the posters seem to be using a headset that connects with USB. All of them have some variation of 3.5mm input jack. I simply want to hear the same audio through my headset that the Roxio is recording. If I unplug my headset, the audio records. If I plug it in, the audio does not. Same as if I switch my headphones to audio only.
  3. As the title suggests, I can't record audio whilst simultaneously using my Turtle Beach P12 USB headset. If I switch the head to "Chat Audio Only" I can then record audio, but it renders my headset useless. If I direct sound through the headset, nothing is captured by the Roxio. Kind of driving me nuts, as I want to be able to use my headset, play, and record at the same time. Is there an option I'm missing?