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  1. Hi everyone, Dell XPS 435t /9000 WIN10 64bit, 12gig ram , 1T HD Up until a few days ago , I had NXT3 , video capture worked both though easy cap and the Iee1394 . Then some of my mpg's would not play though windows media and my Windows DVD player will not work. I upgraded to NXT5 hoping that it would help , but it did not. I can capture though the 1394 ieee , but I get the "roxio nxt stopped working" (simular trouble code with WMP) . IMO i think I lost some codec, but do not know where to download and or find them. We had a house fire and I am trying to document the rebuild. But it's kinda hard when I can't capture from my camcorders . Yes, i should get a smart phone, but getting back into the house is number 1 . Any ideas folks ?
  2. Hi everyone, Microsoft newest update solved the problem . KB4015438
  3. Thank you , Update KB4014329 was causing the problems . Thank you
  4. Greetings all, I have NXT3 on my Laptop Dell 1524, Dual core, win7 64bit, 3gig Memory. When I plug in my camcorder (1394 fire wire) it starts to load. I get the rolling circle and then the rolling circle stops and the systems hangs (frozen). I have to hold the power button down to shut the laptop off. I did try the “repair” part of reinstall. But no help. Any idea’s, Thank you for your help God Speed, Fred
  5. fc227

    Locking Up And Video Capture

    Got it to work . Set the Video settings from 32 bit to 16 bit , now it works. Now to figure out why it doesn't like 32bit.
  6. fc227

    Locking Up And Video Capture

    No problem , I will do some more digging on the WIN7 drivers. Thank you Guy's !
  7. fc227

    Locking Up And Video Capture

    "For video capture: OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 FireWire card for use with DV cameras or Roxio Video Capture USB for analog sources" That's what I am using . What am I missing on Min requirements ?
  8. For giggles , I order the $11.00 usb stick and that one works on Roxio. So I am still going to use the Digital i/o.
  9. Greetings all, Video and sound playing in the window, But is says "no signal". This happens with my USB video stick , But it does recognize my MSI tuner card. When I send a signal to that I get both video and sound and I am allowed to capture. But not when I use the "USB" Any ideas ?
  10. After digging around most of the afternoon, I final found the cable that came with the camcorder and It works !!!! Thank you Lord and tahnk you Guy's!
  11. Yes , it has 1394 port and the Camcorder is a Sony DCR-TRV820 . The cam corder also has a "LANC/digital i/o" port that plug into a serail port But My computer only has USB ports no com ports. Looking around for the DV to 1394 cables , but no local computer store has them. Looks like I will have to order one online.
  12. I was using the analog outputs , But the Cam corder does have a DV out , Now i have to find cable
  13. The caputure device is a easy capture 2.0 with the usb2.0 atv driver.
  14. I hear and see video in the window , but the status window show "no signal" .How can there be no signal ,when I am wacthing it ?
  15. I am using a camcorder using composite and s-video . Like you see in the attached picture I have video and sound. I also found this link http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/91443-nxt-pro-2-video-capture-problem/
  16. Figured that part out .. I think it has to do with my easy caputure usb stick. It saying weak signal when in Ulead Studio, But it does allow me to capture there and the video and sound is good . But Roxio , well see attached. Thank you very much for your help God Speed, Fred
  17. Well, I could upload a screen shot it would explain better. It will not allow me to upload But I am in the video capture screen , when running with the "USB" video capture hardware , I see and hear the video. BUT the Video capture screen say" Staus" "no signal" ,But i am watch the video play.