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  1. I have a similar question. VideoWave productions, saved as .dmsm, are not showing up under Media when I run MyDVD - attempt to create a DVD. Why? Have I not saved them properly within the VideoWave app?
  2. Upgraded to Roxio Creator NXT 4 and created several slideshows. Tried to then burn a DVD (MyDVD) and it won't recognize the slideshows. Was able to do so with Creator NXT3. Can't even combine the slideshows into a larger slideshow. What am I doing incorrectly? What am I missing? Appreciate any assistance with this. Osprey.
  3. Thank you. Made the change, but the same result at the same slideshow. Still can't determine where the incompatibility is!
  4. Digital Guru, Attached screen snapshot of my project. Thx Greg
  5. I created a project using My DVD, then added a movie ---> added pictures per each subject. Roxio automatically created a main menu with sub-menus, attaching the slide show to the menu option. I would then edit the move to add transitions between the slides. This is not correct? I've tried to enclose the My DVD snapshot but it says I'm not permitted to upload this kind (?) of file.???. Thx Greg
  6. Digital Guru I added / created each "movie" / slideshow within the same project. To my knowledge using the same process / procedures. I'll look more closely at where it degrades to see if there are different parameters / settings. Thx again. Greg
  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I can now create an image (ISO) and/or burn the DVD from the project. I have a main menu, 6 submenus deep. I can run each of the 23 menu options (slideshow / movies) with no problems.The total project is less than 4Gig (per Roxio). I can burn the DVD, either from the ISO or direct from the saved project. However, at the same spot it stops recording the images (photos) and I get a black screen. It continues to record the timeline until the end of the project. I think it is a virtual memory issue!! Any suggestions.??? Thank you. Greg
  8. Digital Guru Thx for your suggestions - nothing worked. I removed the movie and now am getting error 80004520C error while recording slideshow???? I have an AMD 6Core 4G processor, 16 gig of DDR3 memory, lots of space on hard drive running Windows 10. To my knowledge all my drivers (especially video card) are up to date! Project only has one menu with 7 sub-menus No way total project exceeds or come close to the 8 Gig DVD's storage capacity. Any suggestions? Greg Davis
  9. Running Windows 10 with Creator NXT3. Created a project in MyDVD which plays fine within Roxio. When attempt to burn to DVD continually get 2 the error message: 8004520C (Error Encoding Movie 1) & 80070000e (Error while encoding menu). . How do I address / fix the error. Is there a limit to the number of menus in a project? Appreciate any help. Thank you. 8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1
  10. Will let you know if this fixes things. Thx
  11. I meant the audio file I used in the slide show (video wave) was a .wav sound clip.
  12. Yes. Saved it as AVC - at your suggestion, resaving at MPE4 and then create ISO and then attempt to create the DVD. Will get back you.
  13. OK - here goes. Slide show is 23.30 min. (with accompanying music). Running Win8.1 16 gh DDR3 1600 AMD AM3 6 way processor. Plenty of SATA hard disk space - all drivers up to date! What else would you like to know Save the slide show as a Video Wave. Then attempted to burn with MyDVD . It dropped images intermittently - no issues with the audio. I can play the slide show and vide wave with no issues. What more info would you like? Appreciate any help you can give.