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    Video Wave Not Responding Constantly

    I was able to complete the repair as you instructed and was able to reopen the file again. However, it still has the issue of randomly crashing for whatever reason (like clicking save, splitting the video, etc.). I try to export the video but at some point it still gets stuck on 1 frame and continues to render. When its finished exporting, the video itself plays up until a certain point, and the video freezes. The audio continues however, for whatever reason. When i let the video play within Video Wave, sometimes it freezes and the audio continues. Then the video itself speeds up to catch up the audio. Should i try uninstalling it and reinstalling? I would appreciate any help! Video Card: Intel ® HD Graphics 4000 I also made sure that Roxio HD Pro was up to date... Sincerely, Christian Escorcia
  2. I've been using Roxio HD Pro for quite some time and haven't been having too much trouble with it. When it comes to recording actual game footage it works perfectly. However, I get a TON of issues when trying to edit my videos. For some reason the program always seems to crash at random. Sometimes it crashes when i click on split, sometimes it crashes when i try to save, it is absolutely random and i have to constantly be saving my work so that i dont have to do too much if it crashes again. I got used to the problem but now it has gotten even worse. It's incredibly slow now when I'm editing and recently when i was trying to export a video it just got stuck on one frame and continued to export (What i mean by this is that the video itself froze, but the program continued to export. As a result, the finished video stops at one frame but all audio continues, i dont know why). I was already getting frustrated at this point but tried my best to be patient. Then at one point when i tried to split the video again is just took FOREVER to do it. I waited about 15-20 minutes until i decided to just use task manager to force it to stop. Doing this caused yet another issue to arise however, as I cannot open that video file anymore. I click on it to edit it, but the video wave just gets stuck there and refuses to open up the video. I have no idea what to do now and I even did the repair option that I see is reccommended everywhere. It still doesnt work... The specs on my computer are: Processor: Intel® Core i5-3230M CPU @2.60GHz. Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system PLEASE if anyone can help please do so. I have been so patient with this program, but now I cannot no longer be.....