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  1. I waited more than a full day for tech support but they didn't contact me. I spent several hours trying to get the software to work. Have decided to get a refund. This software seems not to work properly on my platform: Windows 7 under Parallels 10 on a 13" MacBook Pro, OS X 10.9.5.
  2. You're right about Parallels. It runs Windows as a Virtual Machine. I have a lot of Windows software that runs perfectly. Why would the Roxio software not do any file conversions or even show previews of mp4s? I'll be interested to hear what Tom has to say.
  3. Brendan, Thanks. I saw that info; it was what convinced me to buy the software. More detail: I picked a small video mp4 file, told the software to save to Disc/Disc Image with output set to DVD. The progress indicator dialog says "Creating DVD, Phase 1 of 1 0%" and it has for the last hour with no change. When I clicked the button to start, it spun up the DVD drive a little, then stopped it. The program is taking up about half of the available CPU cycles but not indicating any progress. Running Windows 7 under Parallels 10 on a MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM.
  4. Just bought Copy and Convert 5 today for the purpose of burning MP4s onto a DVD that a DVD player can read. The MP4s came from VHS tapes via Elgato Video Capture. Do I have the right Roxio product for this task? I haven't been able to get it to do anything useful so far.