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  1. Hy MPPais, I've aready realised,tht DVDitPro HD is a dead software. Unfortunately, my company bought it some years ago and until now, I had to live with it. I have been working here since only one year. From the specs of the program you suggested, I can not find the option to insert an ISAN Number in the project for mastering the bluray output. We need this option because we always deliver the bluray master folder for duplication in a big factory. I think this is a reason why my company bought DVD it Pro HD, because it has the ISAN option. Adobe Encore also has no ISAN Option. (Removed Link to pay for software) I you have other suggestions, let me know it. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hy, thanks for your answer, I'm working here in a company, that among others offers DVD and Blu-ray authoring, and I have to admit that some of our programms we use here are a bit out of date, but do their work for our jobs. I got hired here just a year ago and still have to get used to these programs, that my predecessors were using. From the install folder, I can see that DVD it Pro HD was installed 2011, Version 6.4.2. I found a pdf document from my predecessors and it says, they bought a "Sonic BD Power Station". The pdf also contains a dongle number and a very long activation code, together with a system ID and Sonic Online Log in Data, so I think it must be a legal version :-) I also work with DVD Studio Pro 4 (yes, also not "current" authoring software), and with that programm, I can create so called Stories, which are just links to chapters, that jump back to the menu, if the chapter ends. So I just wanted to know, if DVD it Pro HD has a similar functionality, although I know it is Blu-ray authoring not DVD authoring. Well, as you wrote, this would be my workaround, too. Unfortunately I have to put in some work to render all the different chapters in several independent movie files... But if that is the final solution, I will (must) live with that. Thank for your help, Maik
  3. Hy Roxio Forum, I have a question concering the chapter function of DVDit Pro HD for a Blu-ray project. I have a one our long movie with some chapter marks spread over the timeline of the movie. It is a documentary in which the chapters do NOT thematically connect to each other. I have a "Play Movie" button, which plays the movie with all chapters. In addition, I would like to have chapter buttons, that ONLY plays the CHOSEN chapter and then jumps back to the menu which chosen chapter highlighted. Is it possible with DVD it Pro HD to create such an "play only one chapter of the timeline" action? If I create a playlist for example starting witch chapter 3, he continues playing chapter 4, 5, 6... But I want him to stop at the end of chapter 3 and jump back. The only work around for me that I can see is, split my main movie in editing in separet films, one film for each chapter. But it is time consuming and I dont know if DVD it Pro can connect the segments in a playlist without frame dropping, Sound drop outs or interruption for the "Play all" function. Thanks for your help and greetings from Germany, Maik