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  1. I'm running a new MacPro with OS X Yosemite and Toast Titanium 11. I'm trying to copy onto a DVD a show I recorded from my TiVO using Toast TiVo transfer with the Toast Video feature. The burn process starts, completes the encoding process and then a message appears from Toast: Could not record the disc because of a MAC OS Error. Result Code = -39. I've checked the Apple site but can't find any information on code 39. I've searched the Toast Titanium database and discovered this problem was identified, and corrected in a previous version of Toast, so I'm not sure why it's showing up in the current version. Interestingly enough I was able to burn two discs successfully and then this error just started. I would appreciate any insight or recommendations on how I fix or eliminate this problem so I can burn the shows onto my DVD. Thanks so much!