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  1. I am running Windows 8.1 and using Creator NXT Pro 3 to digitize cassette tapes. Sound quality on finished projects is excellent, but I often waste my time (and the money I've spent on this boxed software of Creator Pro) because the LP and Tape Assistant often gives me a "Not Responding" after I click on "Next" to finish the project. I have turned off my PC's firewall and anti-virus software and then done a "Repair" with my Creator disks, as well as a complete uninstall and reinstall, but these actions do not prevent the freeze. I have received some relief by not recording over 25 minutes at a time and then editing in the rest of the cassette as a separate add-on, even though the need to do this shows a defect in the software. After registering my Creator software, I did not receive a tech support code, as requested of their product's users for support. There seems no way to contact Roxio for assistance; thus, I'm publicizing my problems and caution about this software. $99 USD is a lot of money to pay for something that does not work most of the time, and no way to get assistance from Roxio technical services.
  2. I have installed Creator NXT Pro 3 (boxed Cd) on my Windows 8.1, and was pleased with good quality audio transfer of 7 cassette tapes to my music files on the PC. The Pro 3 worked smoothly and well. Now, when I press "Next" for LP and Tape Assistant to finish the process, the Pro 3 software freezes ("Not Responding"), so i have to close Pro 3 and loose the time I've spent on the project. Does any one have any ideas as to why this problem is occurring? BTW, I supposedly received a tech support code with my product registration; however, no such code was in the registration email -- that's why I mention this problem in the forum. Thank you.
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    Lp And Tape Assistant Not Responding

    Thanks both for the advice. I performed the "repair" and did not get a hang-up/not responding error from the Assistant after clicking the "next" button. Hopefully, this will continue. As a computer "illiterate" I had to go on YouTube to find out how to temporarily disable my firewall before reinserting the repair disk. What is frustrating for amateurs is that we sometimes do not know the steps that come before the actual process we need. Anyway -- Thank you.