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  1. Thank you for all the replies. What is the significance of "Selected Language: Unspecified (AC3 Stereo)"? The DVD I am attempting to rip does indicate this. You need a special codec to process these (ie, Creator has this codec and Easy Burning 14 does not)? Since Creator ripped yours, can we say my DVD is not encrypted/protected? TIA.
  2. I load a DVD (not Blu-ray), select Music-Audio / "Create Music Disc Projects" / “Import from CD/DVD", then VIDEO_TS under the DVD drive. The DVD Chapters show (they are songs on a concert DVD), but when I try to play/preview one, I get pop-up "Internal Error: No Streaming-Codec found for this type of Audio". I can highlight the chapters (individual songs), but the Add button (to add chapters to the burn section) remains grayed out. VIDEO_TS shows the DVD content as one movie with chapters, so I am not sure if it is protected. Attached in a general screenshot. I am following the steps in this Roxio article: http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/extract-audio-from-dvd.pdf. When I try to preview a chapter, and then dismiss the error pop-up, the error repeats automatically for the next chapter in the list, and keeps looping through the chapter list this way. I have to restart Roxio to clear the error. Any help appreciated. TIA.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I don't plan on keeping the old system. I still have all the CD's I've burned with ECDC 5, so I can burn copies when necessary. If I ever need to burn from a CIF file, thanks for the heads up on available converters. Best Regards, Gene
  4. I just installed Easy CD and DVD Burning on my new Windows 7 Professional system. I migrated a large number of Easy CD Creator 5 music projects from my old system. Each project has .cl5, .cif, and .jwl files. It looks like these file types are not directly compatible with Easy CD and DVD Burning. Is there a way to convert the Creator 5 files for use by Easy CD and DVD Burning?
  5. My installation of Easy CD and DVD Burning kept failing as "interrupted". The log file said registry keys were missing. I had to disable my Ad-Aware Realtime Scan, which includes Registry Cleaning. Then I was able to complete the Easy CD and DVD Burning installation.
  6. I had an installation issue with similar symptoms. My log file said registry keys were missing. I needed to disable my Ad-Aware Realtime Scan, which included Registry Cleaning. I could then install Easy CD and DVD Burning.