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    Opening Old .pzp Files In Win Xp Or Win 7

    Digital, Thanks for your response. Let me re-state some things. The Photosuite 4 runs fine on WinME, WinXP and Win7. If a create a new templet .pzp file on any of those operating systems, the new .pzp file will open perfectly on the system in which I created it. So it is not a program compatibility issue with the program itself or the file saving and/or file opening capabilites. The problem is that somehow, in the structure of a .pzp file created on WinME, there is something with WinXP or Win7 that they don't like and can't open or format the templet or deal with the thumbnails or something. The ols WinME .pzp file are recognized as a Photosuite executable file and if you double click on them the will open the Photosuite application, it's right after that that the program will hang up. It's an unusual behavior and I can't figure it out. Originally I thought it was trying to go from a file saved on a FAT32 computer and then trying to open that file on a NFTS computer. But I ruled that out with my most recent test. Any other ideas? Thanks, Gordon
  2. Hi, Photosuite 4 Problem! I wonder if anyone has had this problem. I have bee using Photosuite 4 Platinum since about the year 2000 and first used it on a Windows 98 computer. I am a physician and since that time I have been documenting patient photos in some of the thumbnail business templets. My problem is that at work I still run Windows ME (believe it or not) with a FAT 32 file system. Here is my problem: Any of the .pzp templet files I have saved (thousands of them) that I created on the Windows ME computer will not open on a WinXP computer or a Win7 computer that I have installed the original Photosuite Platinum program on. I have even tried re-formatting a Win XP computer with the hard drive set up as a FAT 32 system to match the Windows ME computer I have at the office. But when I try to open old old .pzp files, they try to open, but then the Photosuite apllication locks up. There must be some dll file in Windows ME that is not in Windows XP the allows the .pzp templets to open up? Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know the fix? I could start using a new Win7 computer with Photosuite 4 and from this point forward save my patient pictures the same way I have done for years, it still works in Win7. But I would have to keep the old Windows ME computer going for all of the old files. And for some patients who continue to be in my practice and will have new pictures, they will then have files on two different systems. Thanks, Gordon