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    Photos Aren't Uploading

    Download the desktop version of PhotoShow 6 and make your PhotoShow in that (unless you are using a MAC). Upload the PhotoShow that you made to your membership page. It will be better and faster. I did this and got the new show working. Thank You I hope the old show I did in in 2011 starts working again. I don't think I could figure out the photos and the order they're in.
  2. Gory

    Photos Aren't Uploading

    1st. I have a photoshow I uploaded in 2011 and it has had 83 views. Now all the photos are in an uploading status, you know the grey box with a revolving arrow. Also a show I'm currently making does the same thing with the photos, they don't seem to upload. I have several other shows that are working fine. Color me confused