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  1. DVD's created on my Dell computer with the Windows premier 7 home edition...I have the same problem, all the dvd's I made play on my I Mac and my windows 7 premier home edition computer (which I used to create the discs) Each of my home players say "playing this disc prohibited by area limits"... on my Mac in my help I found how to see if the disc was actually a different region, they are region 1....they are a Sony DVD-R which i purchased at best buy (i have made many other movies which work just fine).. My son the computer engineer said some forums said other brands better, so I bought Verbatim DVD-R also at best buy, (now 8.99 + 19.99 & 60.00 for the program) Any help Or should I just take the program back to best buy for my money back? I asked for help but no answer yet! Any ideas would be helpful!