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  1. I Do Lol :P, I Will See What I Can Do Re Refund, I Am On Windows 10 & NXT 2 Works Well, Just Like Normal
  2. rachaelg33

    Menu's Music Length

    Exactly, I Was, Them & SKNIS, Thanks
  3. I Managed To Re Install My Version That Works For Me - NXT 2, Now I Can Create The DVD's I Love The Way I Love
  4. rachaelg33

    Menu's Music Length

  5. UPDATE Via Corel Support E-Mail, This Is The Reply I Got Back: Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. My name is Ton and I have been assigned to your case. I understand that you are having issues with the product. Let me go ahead and help you. Please check Roxio Creator NXT 6 user guide for your reference. There is no separate user manual for Roxio Creator NXT 6, as it already has an electronic manual built into it. You can find these electronic manuals by clicking on the "Help" button at the top of the Home screen, and on the menu bar of each of the individual Creator components, like VideoWave (Edit Video-Advanced) or MyDVD (Create DVDs). For the individual Creator components, click on Help, and then select "Help Center". Once you have the Help Center window open, click on the "Contents" tab for an organized presentation of the manual. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, TON Corel Technical Support Services
  6. Hi, What Tools Do U Use To Create DVD's?

  7. Thanks Loads For Your Reply, It Was Roxio Creator NXT 2, But I Have Just Opened Up A Help Ticket For This Issue Via Corel, So Hopefully Will Get More Info & Help On This Issue, If Not Then Like U Say, Time To Revert Back To My Trusted Older Version *Sigh*
  8. I Have Just Upgraded To NXT 6 Pro & Am Trying To Create A DVD, I Was Ace At It In My Last Version Of Roxio, But It's Changed Loads & Looks Sooo Basic Now, Any Help With Things Like Cchanging Menu Text Colour & Menu Audio Length, Thanks Loads In Advance
  9. Hi, I am using Roxio NXT 2, My DVD's are +R DL 240 MIN 8.5GB, Like I said, only having the problem with this project, other projects don't burn as data DVD's with ISO files, & even though other burn projects stop at 97% when I click cancel they play fine, I wait hours & still only says 97%
  10. I have created a DVD with menus & lots of videos on it,using Roxio Creator NXT 2, I go to burn it & it stops at 97%, so I click cancel & it plays fine. I have also created a DVD with menus & slide shows on it, I go to burn it & it again stops at 97%, so I click cancel, but it doesn't play this time, it just says it's a data disc . I create an ISO file of the project, burn it, same thing happens, data disk. Please, I need help with all of this, thanks loads in advance