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    Save As Video_Ts Folder And Misc.

    Wow, thank you for your lightning fast response! Does that mean I would load the MOVs in DVD-Video and then save as Disc Image? That's okay to use the pre-set fonts and colors, and for there not to be any animation or audio. Thanks for letting me know. Another question: for creating chapters, I wanted each of the 26 MOVs to be a new chapter. Do I simply edit each file and manually add a chapter 0 that starts at the 0 second mark? I guess that's what I wanted to check--that each chapter would be labelled with the correct subsequent number (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.).
  2. Tommasina

    Save As Video_Ts Folder And Misc.

    Forgive me if this is a very basic question. I am finally transitioning away from using iDVD. I need to save 26 MOVs as a Video_TS folder to send to my colleague who uses the folders to burn DVDs. Do I need conversion software? Or how can I do this in Toast 12 Titanium? Additionally, is there a way to customize the font used in the menus? And is there a way to animate the menu screen? Also, can I preview the DVD before burning? Thanks for any help you can offer!