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    Smart Sound Audio

    Hi everyone, I have roxio 10, now in video wave I would like to make a slideshow with cinmagic or the slide show assistant. Now everything is fine, but the smart sound audio is greyed out. Is it not included in the version I have? Are there different versions for roxio 10? If not what can I do to make it work? Thank you for any help.
  2. nadine

    DVD burner

    Hi everyone, I had a plextor internal burner and it worked fine till it died.... I was very happy with it... now I got a plextor external dvd burner.... which burns but the videos get stuck somewhere so I called technical support and they thought its the drive so I got it exchanged for a new one only to discover I still have the same problem.... Well now I am about to return it and buy another internal dvd burner.... any suggestions? There are so many out there so I am kind of lost.... I need one which is good in burning home videos mainly even on no name dvdrs.