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  1. Hey guys I hope you can help me with this problem I have with "Roxio Game Capture HD Pro" Currently I have it set up with my PS4 (need to buy a cable for my PS3). Anyway I have connected the cords right, HDMI in and out as well as the one to my PC. Right now I can see the PS4 screen on my TV when I don't have the actual capture part of the software open. If I take out the usb of my PC obviously the PS4 menu will disappear from my TV. Anyway here comes the problem I have. If I go into the capture part of the software that came with my hardware (which I have just re-installed). Then the PS4 menu will disappear from my TV. On my PC the preview screen start flashing black and blue (My PS4 menu is there for about a second before it starts flashing) Also other things that happens are: Status switches from No signal to ready and back again. Buttons such as: Live Stream, Start pre-roll and start capture all becomes click able and then click able. Over and over. When I go out of the capture option it becomes normal on the TV again. I have as mentioned tried re-installing the software, updated it and restarted my PC. A video I recorded of the menu in the capture software: I hope I have given enough information so you can help me with this problem. I will try my Xbox 360 later and see if it got the same problem, I just have to take it out of the box again and all that.
  2. Just a quick update: My Xbox 360 doesn't have the same problem as my PS4, However from time to time the capture software will switch to component instead of HDMI (which I use). But that is just a minor problem I guess. I will see if I can buy the required cables for PS3 later today or tomorrow, as I don't have the cables required for it.