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    Out Of Sync When Creating A File

    That makes no* sense, and if it make sense i wouldn't be asking would i? and when i compared both of the times they were different
  2. rehe

    Out Of Sync When Creating A File

    im using the roxio videowave the you sorftware they give you with the roxio hd pro I am recording gta gameplay and recording a skype call with my friends and putting it in the same video which is saying its a dmsn file then i edit the video and put sound effects pictures and music in once then i go to export the the video with the settings high definition AVCHD 1920x1080/24p and create a video file but when it finishes i found that it add and cuts away footage making my sound effects pictures ect. to go out of place i have tried going back and cutting the bit which make my video longer to try fix this but had no success please help!
  3. Hey can anyone please tell me why my picture, sound effects ect. Go out of sync when creating a file for the video???