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  1. Hi! Is there a difference in the content of what you get between the dvd and download purchase option? In particular, do one (or both) come with additional DVD menu styles?
  2. Hi! I would like to somehow visibly include scene dates in the movies I capture and burn to DVD from my camcorder. Sure, I can manually add text to the video or change the scene/chapter names in the menus, but that's a lot of work when I have an hour-long tape with 50 short scenes (toddlers don't stay in view for very long ). Is there some way to automatically have dates appear somewhere in this process - sort of like the timestamp that some digital cameras add in the corner or something? Thanks, - Paul
  3. Paul Thiessen

    audio out of sync, halting after DVD burn from .wmv

    Thanks! That's a good plan. Ok, when I convert the .wmv to "mpeg-2 for dvd regular quality" it succeeds, but the audio is still out of sync in the resulting .mpg. I've since tried a few other apps to play back the original .wmv, and in several of them the audio is kinda flaky, some of them are even further off than the DVDs I end up with using MyDVD, so I'm now thinking it's an issue with the original file. It was a captured web broadcast, kinda low quality anyway. I think I'll just chalk it up to bad .wmv and leave it at that. I can still watch these things, I'm not a Hollywood quality studio.
  4. Hi! I've been creating DVDs out of some .wmv movies, and am having trouble with the audio. My basic setup is one .wmv file (~1.5 hrs) per DVD, cut up into scenes 5 min long (using the "edit scenes" function in mydvd). The validation and burn seems to work okay. However, when I play back the DVD (on my PC or regular home player), the audio is noticably out of sync with the video, by +/- a second or so. And at several points, there seems to be some sort of error that causes the playback to fuzz out or stop completely - sort of like what happens when a DVD has a scratch on it. But it's consistent, multiple DVDs burned from the same project all have problems in the same places. The original files are okay AFAICT. The audio is ok, and it doesn't have these weird breakups. I've tried two separate .wmv files with two separate mydvd projects, and I get the same general behaviour in both. Any ideas where I should start looking for the problem?
  5. Paul Thiessen

    'Add New Unlinked Button' stays grayed

    So is this full button editability available in EMC9? (I know, I know, that's a different forum... but it continues this thread )