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  1. Thank you, I will try that. One question- is using a DVD as a source as you suggest going to end up with lower quality in the 'offspring?' Thanks! Andy
  2. Hello, I have a problem. When I make a DVD in toast, with a menu, it makes my film narrower by adding black bars on the left and right (not top and bottom). If I make the same video with no menu the film is full size (I mean, no black bars on the sides) but it will only make the DVD play automatically on insert and loop continuously. My goal: I want a DVD that does not play upon insert to the machine, and that does not loop automatically, and does not have black bars on the sides. I thought that adding a menu would fix the automatic start and looping and it does fix those, but it adds the black bars on the sides. Any suggestions? I already tried having the boxes for automatic start and play continuously UNchecked, but it does not seem to matter. Thanks, Andy