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    My Roxio Is Broken

    Yup, I checked it 2 years ago when they did this, and no, I didn't change my account during this time. I just don't understand why they just didn't send the cash, I've never even SEEN that refund thing before (Would've been nice to know that they actually TRIED) but there wasn't a single penny returned to my account, I can see my transaction back to that date. Is Roxio not even able to send me a WORKING product? one that will actually work this time? Like, I still want the capture card, but how would you feel if you paid $150 for a non-working device in which the money was never returned? Roxio I trust a whole lot more than Corel. Corel tried to scam me on MULTIPLE occasions, but Roxio is fine. I'd really just like a working capture card, and I'm not going to pay for another one, because I was sold a broken product (which is, well, illegal)
  2. Kevin123

    My Roxio Is Broken

    But it hasn't, I checked the bank and there was no sign of a complete refund, and that was the problem, it never arrived.
  3. Kevin123

    My Roxio Is Broken

    Well, I'm having to write ANOTHER post due to my previous post being deleted, I said my Roxio was broken and that I didn't get a refund for nearly 2 years of asking, and they deleted my post. Nice I'm now having to approach this with a more calm attitude, and I'm simply going to ask the question, how do I fix a non working roxio that I was only able to use once in which I blew $150? Come on, you guys know how to fix these things, I've been asking for 2 years to get a refund, from the day I bought the recorder, so now I'm just asking if I can kindly get a refund from you guys? If you don't (once again) ignore this? Thanks.
  4. Kevin123

    My Roxio Is Broken

    Well, I bought my Roxio 2 years ago, and now you're going to say "Well you should've dealt with your problems then!" WELL GUESS WHAT!!! Roxio has ignored me ever since I bought their broken RGC, and they never gave me a 30 day refund, they simply told me they were busy.... for 2 years. I've sent constant emails to them, telling them to give my $150 back, but of course they ignore me, and they always have. I NEVER EVEN GOT A REFUND PERIOD!!! Come on, I literally spent $150 on boxed air, and the thing has never worked. I see these guys trying to explain how to get their devices working again, and believe me, within two years I've tried EVERYTHING you've got.... at least 3 times. This is a game capture card for crying out loud, this isn't some sort of rocket science, and I'm practically an expert at this device by now, and I was only able to use it once for about 30 seconds, and it's never worked ever again. That's great, huh? $150 for 30 seconds of gameplay, that's just fantastic. You guys sold me a broken product, and I don't know why you continue to ignore me, you could've just simply refunded me when I was actually ALLOWED to refund it during those 30 days, but you loved my money so much that you didn't even care. This is ridiculous.
  5. Kevin123

    My Roxio Is Broken

    Then could you please help me with MY Roxio HD Pro Problems? I've literally used this thing ONCE in the past two years for one reason, MY DEVICE HAS NEVER WORKED!!! I've contacted Roxio CONSTANTLY, about 2 or 3 times a month to get a refund because they sold me a BROKEN product, and I haven't gotten a single response from them, in TWO YEARS!!! It's crashed every computer I've used it on, the device barely turns on before it crashes whatever computer I'm using it on. I paid GOOD money for this two years ago, and I'm so glad that you guys enforce your "Refund Policy" so well, because I would've really like to return mine and gotten a new one. Honestly, two years ago I bought air that was packaged in a container, and have tried to get in contact with you guys for a return, but whenever I did, you'd give me the same "We're really busy at the moment" response. This is not a good way to run a buisness, I didn't even get a refund DURING the 30 day period because you DIDN'T LET ME! Now I'm saying this again, and you will apologize and say "Well you didn't take advantage of the refund during the 30 days" well guess what, I DID, so I want my money back, and that's why I'm here today, to try ONCE AGAIN to get my money back that you stole from me. Don't even TRY to tell me how to fix it, because the thing never worked in the first place, it was broken right after I recorded my first 30 second long video. Wow, 30 seconds for $150, what a deal.