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  1. I tried to burn HD movie using Toast 12 on my iMac 10.8.5. I burned two failed disks. The first one I burned directly from Toast to my LG burner. When completed, I tried to play it back. The disk failed to be recognized. The second time l created from Toast a Disk Image onto my hard drive. Then I selected "Copy" in Toast, found my Disk Image and burned to a second blu-ray disk. I received two error messages. The first, The driver Roported and error: Sense KEy=Medium Error, Sense Code= O x OC, Write Error. I selected OK and it continued to burn. Then the second error message, Mismatch at byte 1/sector 16. Verification failed. Now I have two bad disks. As I am new to burning Blu-ray, I do not know if this is a hardware problem (new blu-ray burner from OWC at there recommendation), or a software problem (Toast 12 came with the burner). Or is this a blank disk problem?