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    Dual Sound Problem

    Hi all: With EyeTV program I've recorded a TV serie with dual sound, this is in Spanish & English languajes, well but now when I burn it with Toast 7 Titanium only English languaje is available in the DVD, Why??? I need to do it in Spanish, ¡¡ I'm Spanish !! I cant find options about this.. ¡¡¡Help !! Juan Herrero Mac 17" Dual Core 2
  2. tan01

    Dual Sound Problem

    I've found a solution in a ElGato forum. You have to export file recordered with EyeTV and choose "for toast" format. The new file has only the sound selected in EyeTV menu and it`s seems there is not quality loose. Anyway, let see what ElGato says about this.
  3. tan01

    Dual Sound Problem

    Hi Gretchen : It´s seems to be the same problem, I sent the question about this to Roxio and I`ll will post the answer as soon as possible. Bye..