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    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    I entered numbers at the start of each song, 01, 02, etc. as you suggested, looks ok so far. I'll look at the other suggestions too. Thank you
  2. Tony42

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Hello, now that I can see the song data, a recurring challenge is that Mac system changes the order from the sequence in which they appeared on the record. They are resorted into alphabetical order. They appear in proper sequence in iTunes but after exporting them from the iTunes music file into my external terabit drive they are no longer in the original order. Have you found a way to over-ride this challenge with Mac's ordering system? I tried numbering them but that didn't work either; getting to number 11, Mac's change the order from 1, 2, 3... to 1, 11, 12.... 2, 21, 22, ..... very annoying
  3. Tony42

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    SUCCESS! Thank you both for helping. Having my wife's old Mac Book Pro (10.4 operating system) and your suggestions of files to move allowed me to see the titles of my old music. What a relief. Thinking further, I've struggled off and on for over 10 years to access this data. Warmest regards to you Tony Bryhan Sebastopol, CA
  4. Tony42

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Looking in Library I see CDSpinDoctor. Within it is Scratch and opening that I see iTunesTemp. Clicking that shows an empty column. Further down in Library is a file Roxio. Within it is an application Roxio Restore.app size app 1.1MB created 10/25/06, Version 1.0.3. I don't know its function. Looking in Preferences I see cdsdd.plist. The file is 71 bytes. Also in Preferences is CD info.cidb and CDDB Peferences. Does any of this seem useful to finding the song names? I haven't yet copied the files as you suggested. Tomorrow if I get time.... Thank you again
  5. Tony42

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Thank you for your comments. The frustration of not being able to find the song title metadata for ~31Gb of music, on my OWN hard drive has distracted me from further music editing. I'll look at Amadeus Pro when this problem is solved or I accept defeat.
  6. Tony42

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    I'm trying to keep what's left of my hair too and only work on this frustrating project in small doses. I've worked off and on for about 5 years trying to figure a way to recover the lost data. This is one of my New Years Resolutions for 2015--to follow this to the end or just pretend all was lost in a fire. I appreciate your help and will get back to you. Warmest Regards
  7. Tony42

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Ok, that's life, no support from the current Corel staff. I called my credit card company to dispute the $25. Back to your guess about files that could contain metadata. I went through all my hard drive looking for hidden files but many files have names I don't recognize and therefore I haven't been able to isolate what files might be Spin Doctor data. Have you any suggestions of file names or types for a further search? I appreciate your taking time to help and obviously Ralf knows of your expertise as he passed me off to you..... Thank you Regards
  8. Tony42

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Thank you for your reply. I am perplexed however about Roxio/Corel's "honesty". I paid $25 for a One-Time Priority Support. The reply email I received from Ralf Jayrald Corel Customer Support Services asked me to post to this Toast 12 site. I didn't understand why but I so posted. I assumed I would have a dialog with a Roxio/Corel employee to discuss my issue/problem. Today when I checked the status on my Priority Support request I see it is marked Closed and I never had a reply from a Roxio employee, for which I paid $25. I wrote a reply to an email from their "support" asking about such but they have not replied. I see by my invoice that Roxio has an address in Funchal - Madeira, Portugal. I wonder about corporate "core competency" if the only reply to my $25 request is a well meaning guess from a fellow Toast-user. I naively hoped there would be a responsible employee that would know where metadata is hidden on my computer. Let the buyer beware for Roxio products.... regards
  9. Over many years I successfully used Spin Doctor to collect music. The version with which I started was included with Toast 7, Spin Doctor, after a series of Roxio upgrades. The Mac operating system used at the time was 10.6. Now Mac is 10.10. When I attempt to open a music file, .aiff format, using Spin Doctor, the file starts to open; I can read the titles of the few songs visible in the window at the bottom of the view while the waveform is being regenerated. When the horizontal blue action line reaches the end of its "generation" line, Spin Doctor crashes and I get a long, detailed error report that I don't know how to use to correct the crash. Apparently Mac 10.10 has a conflict. I have an old Mac with 10.6. Using File Sharing, I installed Toast/Spin Doctor and a one of the .aiff music files. When I try to open the file, rather than seeing the song tiles while the waveform is being regenerated, for some reason the metadata/metafiles are not transfered; Spin Doctor generates a new waveform with no preservation of the individual intervals of songs, just one 2 hour long music file. Some place on my main Mac the waveforms and song titles exist. They seem not to transfer to the 10.6 Mac, however. I bought a newer version of Spin Doctor, version 6 years ago following discussion with Roxio but version 6 didn't recognize the waveforms or songs either. I could buy Toast 12 but I'm fear that backwards compatibility has been lost. Suggestions please of how to resurrect the song titles from my hard drive. Problem Report attached. CD Spin Doctor_2015-01-26-104326_Anthony-Bryhans-Computer.pdf